The first and often overlooked point is the consideration of your chimney. Have you got a chimney? What type of chimney do you have and most importantly, is it in good repair? These questions may seem obvious but it is worth starting at this point before you rush out and buy the fireplace that you want; only to find that the chimney is unsound and that potentially expensive remedial work has to be carried out! So your first step is to identify your type of chimney.

When you know the type of chimney you have, the next stage is to decide on what type of heat sources are available to you for your chimney type. Depending on your own chimney type your choices will be either, Natural Gas, Solid Fuel, Electric, or LPG ( liquid petroleum gas - tank or bottle) Balanced Flue, Power Flue or Flueless. Each chimney type has corresponding list of suitable fire types.